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The best and most beautiful game ever made, Starcraft Broodwar, is from 1998. After all the highlights of Ma Jaeyoon, Lee Jaedong and others, the Korean scene, despite Hwang Hyojin's gargantuan efforts and the continuing existence of the Chinese scene, is declining. Sic transit... But! In academia there is a field which has been continually growing. It combines two of my great loves: artificial intelligence and broodwar.

So, being the illogical person that I am, not to say especially irrational, but more incapable of thinking logically, programming, stuff like that, I got on board of the biggest tournament for Broodwar AIs in the world, the Student Starcraft AI Tournament or SSCAIT, as the PR guy. Talk to the coders, write stuff, make webcasts of games played, but foremost: admire the game once more. Oh and also a shoutout to AIIDE and CIG, two other major broodwar AI tournaments.

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